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Vivaan was engaged to be married to Siya and they have moved on to plan for a happy future. In their lively and spontaneous interactions, this commercial couple shows how the joys of marriage were in their minds. Siya also happens to be an astrologer and she explains that she sees a solution for their financial problem in the stars. She advises Vivaan and after some initial hesitations, he agrees to marry a rich but unavailable girl, Riya. The story takes place at a time when industrialisation is at its peak, as everyone is still trying to figure out how to cope with the frantic pace of the world. The story does not fail to reflect this period of time in the way it portrays the aspirations of the average Indian. Although industrialisation has taken away many of the basic necessities of life, such as clothes, food and shelter, this does not stop some from dreaming of finding a rich, unavailable woman, so they can live a life of comfort. On a rainy afternoon, Vivaan and Siya go to a marriage hall to plan their future. A young man is seen smiling at a beautiful girl. In Vivaan’s mind, he pictures her as a wealthy, charming woman, with a glamorous lifestyle, a happy family and comfortable relationships with both her parents. He is now in no mood to settle for anything less. Vivaan was originally from a village and now he and his family have migrated to the city, where he works in a corporate firm. His father had served in the Army and was a high-ranking officer, but when he died, Vivaan’s dreams of a comfortable future vanished. However, now he has found his way in life. Vivaan is not the only one who dreams about a wealthy woman. Every man wants a chance at a high-income earning woman and with every question the boy is asked, his mind is filled with ideas of how to find one. When Siya asks Vivaan about his romantic fantasies, he gives an unexpected reply. He is not looking for a rich woman. He just wants to find a woman who is easy to get along with. He further adds that he needs someone who is also easy to love. Siya is disturbed to hear this as she sees this not as a quest for a rich woman but as a selfish desire, as it would make him leave her behind. She is reminded of her own struggle to make a living and she has not made




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